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  1. What factors do you consider when recruiting a  maize grower?

The accessibility of the roads to the farm even during wet weather

The Protection of the farm that seed maize is to be planted against intrusion of both domestic and wild animals.

The isolation distance of 200 metres round the farm from none seed maize crops.

   2.What is the right quantity of fertilizer application?

The choice of fertilizers is left to the grower, who should take into account his individual farm or field requirement  - soil acidity, sulphur deficiencies, method of application etc – it is important particularly for the Kitale/Cherangani soils, that the correct ration of nutrients is applied at whatever level of application. For details of fertilizer types or combinations other than those listed, consult Kenya Seed Company Field Officer. It is important to have your soils analysed to determine their nutrient status.

General Recommendation


                AT PLANTING                                  TOP DRESSING

 FERT.TYPE                     RATE             FERT.TYPE        RATE 

1. DAP (18:46: 0)           75 Kgs/ac        1) C.A.N            100 Kgs/Ac (Acidic Soils)

2. a)   NPK ( 23:23:0)     150 Kgs /ac     2)  UREA         100 Kgs/Ac (mainly for Irr.areas)

    b)  Yara Mila Cereals 75 Kgs/ac        

3) Yara Mila Cereals  100 Kgs/ac

4)  Yara Bela – Sulfan    100 Kgs/ac

3.  What is the minimum acreage required to be a contracted grower?

  • The minimum acreage is up to one (1) acre in a seed village and 10 acres for a farmer who is based in other areas outside the seed village.

4.What service does the company offer once you are recruited?

  • The company will offer technical service like agronomic practices that the farmer has to undertake beginning from land preparation to the harvesting and delivery of seed to the company through the Field Officers.

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